Get Involved with LTI

“Latinx is just a word that is reaching for a better way to capture the diversity within Latinx cultures and Latinx people,” said professor Laura E. Pérez.

Lateral Support and Engagement:

Newly Admitted Student Events

  • Welcome, support and guide newly admitted Latinx students and families

  • Be an empowerment agent!

Review Your Data

  • Disaggregate your data and evaluate trends 

  • Examine policies and procedures for barriers to resources

Make Information Accessible

  • Humanize your communications, resources

  • Accessible in multiple languages and formats

Resource Allocation

  • Make Latinx-thriving work a standing item

  • Support Latinx mentorship, outreach and research opportunities

  • Prioritize the 20% of underserved communities

  • Participate on committees: hiring, staff affinity spaces, initiatives