Recommendations for the LTI Implementation Team

Recommendations for the LTI Implementation Team

12 Short-Term Recommendations for the LTI Implementation Team

1. Outreach & Pipeline DevelopmentName and compile list of all campus wide programs that are involved in the recruitment and outreach pipeline process for the URM/Latinx community. This recommendation focuses on the coordination and partnerships of all efforts that coordinate outreach and recruitment with the URM/Latinx community.
2. Outreach & Pipeline DevelopmentMap out campus programs that are involved with communication, coordination and support once a URM/Latinx student is admitted. What are the various touchpoints and handoffs that exist for newly admitted students?
3. Outreach & Pipeline DevelopmentIn all that we do we need to understand the data that currently exists. What is this data telling us? What does our data say about which students are being handed off to other programs and in what ways?
4. Outreach & Pipeline DevelopmentCoordinate outreach efforts and form strategic partnerships that are in alignment with other campus initiatives (LTI, AAI, NAI, AA&PI).
5. Outreach & Pipeline DevelopmentCoordinate outreach, messaging, recruitment w/Latinx faculty and signature events with campus partners.
6. Admissions, Enrollment & MatriculationReduce Self-Help (S-H) & Establish Group to assess S-H and create a detailed affordability plan.
7. Admissions, Enrollment & MatriculationPartner with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (OUA) to implement strategies for Latinx thriving based on "Admitted Student Questionnaire" results, which provide data about how our recruitment efforts for admitted students impacted their decisions to attend Berkeley or not.
8. FacultyFund 15-person post-doctoral program in 3-5 years.
9. FacultyExpand access to Professional Development opportunities for lecturers and adjuncts.
10. FacultyParticipate in existing campus efforts that support faculty mentoring (Faculty Link) with focus on Latinx + URM faculty to build faculty capacity in culturally fluent, engaging and humanizing and respectful pedagogy.
11. FacultyResearch the landscape of existing pipeline programs and begin forging relationships.
12. SocializationDesign and deliver a comprehensive strategy that identifies positive touchpoints for all relevant constituencies and communities (e.g., prospective Latinx and URM students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, etc.)


Launched in Spring 2022, the LTI Steering Committee met throughout the Fall semester and worked on prioritizing and finalizing a list of recommendations that stemmed from the report by the HSI Task Force in December 2020.

These recommendations have been passed on to the LTI Implementation Core Team to be worked on by members of the Implementation Committee once the membership has been finalized and the committee starts meeting mid-Spring semester. Next steps includes forming LTI Implementation Workgroups to implement and track recommendations.