Our Affirmations and Commitments

We honor and acknowledge the public mission of the University of California system

We strive to reflect the Latinx Diaspora: AfroLatinx, Chicanx, Central American, Indigenous, South American, and other marginalized communities’ demographics and histories that are more inclusive of all the people who have worked to build the broader State of California.

We aim to transform the culture of our world-leading university in order to promote equity-based, anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and inclusive approaches toward excellence in learning, public service, teaching, and research.

We lift and honor the history of contributions of previous, current, and future generations of Latinx and other underrepresented-minority students, staff, and faculty.

We know that the rich diversity of the cultures of people of color contribute significantly to the excellence in every division on our campus.

We anticipate that achieving HSI status will bring us one step closer to better serving the people of California.

We prepare for a Latinx-thriving culture where policies, practices, and resource allocations are in alignment with our values and aspirations of becoming an HSI, anti-racist and pro-equity campus.

We advocate and seek funding from the State and other avenues to match our words with actions and secure the financial resources necessary to support our students.

We envision a learning environment where our thirst for knowledge about all communities, particularly historically marginalized communities, holds us accountable for closing access, equity, achievement, and opportunity gaps.

We look forward to the day when the University of California, Berkeley, achieves HSI designation, gains the necessary resources to advance the well-being of all Latinx and Underrepresented Minority (URM) students, and promotes HSI themes beyond the pursuit of an enrollment threshold.

We envision the day when UC Berkeley becomes the national leader and model for not only becoming and attaining an HSI designation but also achieving representation aligned with the demographics of the population it serves.

We recognize that being an HSI encapsulates far more than just numerical representation. It comprises crafting a scholarly community that amplifies diverse perspectives in every academic discipline to contribute to the creation of knowledge produced by a world-renowned research institution. Our shared goals include cultivating a sense of belonging and creating forums for the community to be heard, seen, and empowered to reach their (its) highest potential.