Latinx Thriving Steering Committee

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Committee Charge

The HSI Task Force Report outlines a framework and recommends a structure that will ensure execution, tracking and accountability. The Vice Chancellor of Equity and Inclusion (VCEI) is establishing a key component of this structure: the Latinx Thriving Institution Initiative Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is composed of students, faculty, staff and alumni with a vested interest in transforming UC Berkeley into a Latinx Thriving institution and achieving federal Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) designation by 2027. In collaboration with the initiative co-chairs, LTI Implementation Manager and VCEI team, the Steering Committee is charged with: 

  • Develop, assess, and implement the Latinx Thriving Institution implementation plan
  • Model a culturally competent, holistic approach to serving Latinx campus community, as well as all minoritized Berkeley communities
  • Inform, advise and strategically leverage support from the Chancellor’s Cabinet and the Latinx Thriving Institution Initiatives External Advisory Board to advance the implementation of the HSI Task Force recommendations
  • Synthesize input from various stakeholders, including the Chicanx/Latinx Standing Committee and other members of the Equity Collective, and provide strategic direction and governance for the implementation team
  • Advise the LTI implementation project manager in alignment with the recommendations and organizational goals
  • Provide progress update to the VCEI monthly to ensure effective communication and collaboration
  • Participate in campus wide town hall meetings each semester
  • Guide LTI engagement and development strategies
  • Participate in the hiring and onboarding of LTI roles, including the Latinx Thriving Director, community engagement and implementation coordinators
  • Participate in LTI socialization efforts across the various campus constituencies: faculty, staff, students, alumni

Spring 2023 Meeting Dates

LTI Steering Committee

Feb 9th: 10:00AM - 11:30AM

March 23th: 1:00PM - 2:30PM 

April 20th: 9:30AM - 11:00AM

May 18th: 10:30AM - 12:00PM